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Hadley,D.. SPICOSA's WP 2 leader (with contributions from partners 19, 26 and 48). SAF Userâs Guide for implementing economic assessment. 2009 - SPICOSA project (Deliverable 2.3).


This User Guide for Implementing Economic Assessment aims to provide practical guidance to SSAs concerning elements of economic valuation and assessments which are likely to be common to the majority of SSAs.

This report begins with two chapters that are concerned with the theory and practical implementation of benefits transfer (BT). BT is a technique for valuing ecosystem goods that employs results from previously existing studies and transfers them to a similar policy context.
Chapter 2 describes the BT procedure in detail and the various approaches that can be taken. It also includes two examples of the use of BT which particularly relate to the issue of flood control.
Chapter 3 is a summary of a study quality assessment procedure for BT that builds upon the more theoretical discussion of Chapter 2 by offering very practical guidelines. Chapters 4 and 5 deal with issues related to the evaluation of the economic impact of tourism. Chapter 4 is a practical overview of how the economic impacts of tourism might be measured and tourism demand forecasted. Chapter 5 is a very practical description of how multipliers derived from inputoutput analysis can be used to evaluate the economic impact of tourism (and any other economic sector of interest). It includes an example of the use of this methodology within the Clyde SSA.
Finally Chapter 6 describes how discrete choice models can be used to model behavior and includes two examples of their use within the Himmerfjärden SSA.

PDF: D2.3 User Guide For Implementing Economic Assessment V1.pdf (1.659.252 Bytes)