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Hołowaty, T., Zarębski, P.. "Tourism Partners Europe": przykład współpracy międzynarodowej w rozwoju turystyki. In: Glaeser, B., Sekscinska, A., Löser, N. (eds.). Integrated Coastal Zone Management at the Szczecin Lagoon: Exchange of experiences in the region. Coastline Reports (6), pp. 147-152. EUCC - The Coastal Union, Leiden, 2005.


“Tourism Partners Europe”: an Example of International Cooperation in the Tourism Industry. Tourism Partners Europe is an initiative of ten European partners who proposed a project to study areas attractive for tourism, with the intention to develop these areas further. The project is being carried out in the framework of INTERREG III C and partially financed through the European Union’s European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). The aim of this initiative is to support international and cross-border cooperation on both the external and internal borders of the EU. The first stage of project was a joint analysis combining views on tourism potential and prospective tourist destinations. The results of these investigations permitted us to categorize areas accordingly and define those with high tourism potential, as well as to assess the prospects for and feasibility of developing such areas.

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