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The database contains world-wide applied coastal (and marine) projects and regional case studies. To search in the database you can enter a term into the search field or sort the content by clicking on table titles (data, name or country etc.). Many users ensure the success of the databases. Therefore, we like to ask you to enter information about your projects and case studies to the databases as well.

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Nr.Sorted descending Acronym Sorted descending Title  Duration  Last Update 
161 DESIMA Decision Support for Integrated Coastal Zone Management 18/08/06
162 DeMU DeMarine-Umwelt 2008-2011 12/05/09
163 DemoWad Demonstration of the Preparation an Implementation of an Extensive Integrated Monitoring Program with the Wadden Sea Ecosystem as a Model 1995-1998 01/11/05
164 DELOS Environmental Design of Low Crested Coastal Defence Structures 2001-2004 18/08/06
165 DachK├╝NO II Koordination, Integration und Vermittlung von K├╝stenforschung in der Nordsee und Ostsee 2017-2019 14/02/17
166 CPA Climate Proof Areas 2008-2011 20/11/12
167 COSYNA Coastal Observation System for Northern and Arctic Seas 02/07/10
168 COSA Coastal Sands as Biocatalytical Filters 15/05/08
169 Corepoint Coastal Research Policy Integration 2004-2008 19/05/08
170 CoPraNet Coastal Practice Network 2003-2006 19/09/05
171 CONSCIENCE Concept and Science for Coastal Erosion Management 2007- 08/02/08
172 CoNet CZM 21 Coastal Network - Coastal Zone Agenda 21 Sustainable Coastal Zone Development in the Baltic Sea Region 18/08/06
173 COMRISK Common strategies to reduce the risk of storm floods in coastal lowlands 2002-2005 24/11/06
174 ComCoast Combined functions in the coastal zone 2004-2007 20/11/12
175 COLORS Coastal region long-term measurements for colour remote sensing development and validation 1997-2000 13/02/06
176 COLAR Coastal and Lagoon Resource Centre 2002-2005 03/03/06
177 COHIBA Control of hazardous substances in the Baltic Sea region 2009-2012 27/05/10
178 COEXIST Interaction in coastal waters 2010-2013 11/03/11
179 CoCoNet Coastal Communities Network 2003-2004 17/08/06
180 COASTVIEW Developing coastal video monitoring systems in support of coastal zone management 2002-2005 16/05/08
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