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Status: OPEN [2001-04]

"PRediction Of The Erosion of Cliffed Terrains"
Project description:
The erosion of coastal cliffs is inevitable. The cliff collapses are a
hazard, a  problem for coastal land use planners and limit the use of the
coastline as an  amenity. PROTECT will research techniques that will
identify cliffs that are  approaching a state of imminent collapse and
allow accurate predictions to be made  of the timing of the collapse. One
technique will attempt to remotely measure  changes in tension within the
fracture network near a cliff face, whilst others  will monitor acoustic
crack emissions generated during fracturing. If successful,  the results
will provide both long term and short term alerts of cliff  instability.
The techniques will be developed at cliff research sites where  control
data on the physical properties of the cliffs are available. Outputs will
be the monitoring techniques, recommendations for their implementation by
coastal  managers and increased understanding of cliff collapse parameters.

Project lead:   Natural Environment Research Council
Department:   British Geological Survey
Address:   Keyworth
Postal code:   NG12 5GG
City:   Nottingham
Country:   UK
Project coordinator:   Dr. Jonathan BUSBY
Phonenumber:   441159363440
Faxnumber:   441159363145
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