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Why UBQT Best For Design Thinking process

Type of Entry: Project
Website: https://www.ubqtdesignschool.com/why-design-thinking/
Duration: 10/07/2010 -

Design Thinking is a process to reload the problem in a completely different light. Most times we are unable to articulate the real problem.


To know the real problem, we need to keep "human needs in the center" and add empathy, be ready to experiment, collaborate with others and develop innovative solutions.

UBQT  Human Centered Design  Explore the Powerful Methodologies of Design Thinking and Agile. How Design Thinking's Empathy-based, Human-Centered Approach Complements the iterative and rapid development cycles promoted by Agile Methodologies.

Partner: UBQT (https://www.ubqtdesignschool.com)