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The database contains world-wide applied coastal (and marine) projects and regional case studies. To search in the database you can enter a term into the search field or sort the content by clicking on table titles (data, name or country etc.). Many users ensure the success of the databases. Therefore, we like to ask you to enter information about your projects and case studies to the databases as well.

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Nr. Acronym  Title Sorted ascending Duration Sorted ascending Last Update 
81 COASTRA Coastal Mamagement Strategy for Southwest Finland 2001-2004 09/02/05
82 EMBARC European Maritime Study for Baseline and Advanced Regional and Coastal Traffic Management 2001-2005 09/19/05
83 EFFS The European Flood Forecasting System project 2002- 02/15/06
84 CHARM Characterisation of the Baltic Sea Ecosystem: Dynamics and Function of coastal types 2002-2004 02/21/06
85 BEACHMED Environmental reconstruction and maintenance of beaches under erosion by using sand marine carriers 2002-2004 09/20/06
86 CoPraNet CCV - Canarias, por una Costa Viva 2002-2004 03/06/07
87 CCV Canarias, por una Costa Viva (Canaries, for a lively coast) 2002-2004 07/07/06
88 EUROSION EUROSION 2002-2004 08/29/06
89 MINOS Marine warm-blooded animals in the North and Baltic Seas: Foundations for assessment of offshore wind farms 2002-2004 07/20/05
90 ENPLAN Environmental Assessment of Plans and Programmes 2002-2004 09/18/06
91 STRING II Southwestern Baltic Sea TransRegional Area - Implementing New Geography 2002-2004 10/12/05
92 COLAR Coastal and Lagoon Resource Centre 2002-2005 03/03/06
93 BaltCoast Integrated Coastal Zone Development in the Baltic Sea Region 2002-2005 09/12/05
94 OROMA Operational radar and optical mapping in monitoring hydrodynamic, morphodynamic and environmental parameter for coastal management 2002-2005 08/18/06
95 COASTVIEW Developing coastal video monitoring systems in support of coastal zone management 2002-2005 05/16/08
96 WSF Wadden Sea Forum 2002-2005 09/21/05
97 SuPortNet II Sustainable Networks of Ports 2002-2005 07/19/05
98 Nature-GIS A European thematic network for Protected Areas/Nature Preservation and Geographical Information 2002-2005 05/16/08
99 COMRISK Common strategies to reduce the risk of storm floods in coastal lowlands 2002-2005 11/24/06
100 South Baltic Arc Spatial strategies for Integration and Sustainable Development Acceleration of the South Baltic Arc Zone 2002-2005 05/22/08
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