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The database contains world-wide applied coastal (and marine) projects and regional case studies. To search in the database you can enter a term into the search field or sort the content by clicking on table titles (data, name or country etc.). Many users ensure the success of the databases. Therefore, we like to ask you to enter information about your projects and case studies to the databases as well.

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81 CoPraNet ICZM-Oder : Integrated Coastal Zone Management in the Oder Estuary region 2004-2007 11/14/06
82 CoPraNet Partnership Approach to Shoreline Management Planning in North West England 11/14/06
83 CoPraNet Climate Change and the Visitor Economy: Challenges and Opportunities for England 2004-2006 11/16/06
84 CoPraNet Selected Aspects of Public Participation in Polish Coastal Zones 11/13/06
85 CoPraNet Esposende – Ofir Stretch 11/13/06
86 CoPraNet Integrated Planning Along European Coasts - Severn Estuary 11/13/06
87 CoPraNet Assessment of intertidal morphological changes using video monitoring 11/13/06
88 CoPraNet Quantification of storm-driven shoreline changes using video monitoring 11/14/06
89 CoPraNet Coastal Dune Management on a Shoreline Subject to Strong Human Pressure: The Dunkirk Area, Northern France 11/14/06
90 CoPraNet Políticas de Sustentabilidade no Desenvolvimento do Turismo no Litoral Alentejano (Portugal) 03/14/07
91 CoPraNet Hesketh Outmarsh Managed Realignment 2006-2008 12/21/06
92 CoPraNet Beach and Dune Management in Warnemünde 11/16/06
93 CoPraNet Proposed Measures for Enhancement of Amenity Beaches 04/03/07
94 CoPraNet Network of Natura 2000 in Sweden with special attention to the Baltic Coast. Conception and particular examples 2005-2005 03/07/07
95 CoPraNet System of Integral Management of Beaches 11/13/06
96 CoPraNet Integrated Management PLAN of Calvià (PILC) 2000-2004 11/16/06
97 CoPraNet Coastal Practice Network 2003-2006 09/19/05
98 CoPraNet The Complex of Problems of Coastal Protection on Ornö 2004-2004 11/13/06
99 CoPraNet ESPINHO - 100 years of Beach Protection 11/23/06
100 CoPraNet Coastal Geomorphology and coastal change in Dundrum Bay: management implications 04/03/07
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