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The database contains world-wide applied coastal (and marine) projects and regional case studies. To search in the database you can enter a term into the search field or sort the content by clicking on table titles (data, name or country etc.). Many users ensure the success of the databases. Therefore, we like to ask you to enter information about your projects and case studies to the databases as well.

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Nr. Acronym  Title  Duration  Last Update 
61 RETRO Retrospective analysis of large-scale planning procedures in the coastal zone in terms of ICZM suitability 2003-2004 09/20/05
62 RCZAS English Heritage Rapid Coastal Zone Assessment Surveys 2000-2010 09/22/05
63 B7 SUSWAT Planning and Management of Sustainable Water Supply in the Baltic Sea Islands 09/22/05
64 WSF Wadden Sea Forum 2002-2005 09/21/05
65 WUD Waterfront Urban Development - A Network of Cities in the Baltic Sea Region 1998-2001 09/22/05
66 ICZM: Strategies for Spatial Planning in Coastal and Marine Zones 2003-2004 09/22/05
67 ComCoast Combined functions in the coastal zone 2004-2007 11/20/12
68 CoCoNet Coastal Communities Network 2003-2004 08/17/06
69 Corepoint Coastal Research Policy Integration 2004-2008 05/19/08
70 YthanView YthanView 2004- 08/18/06
71 Nature-GIS A European thematic network for Protected Areas/Nature Preservation and Geographical Information 2002-2005 05/16/08
72 Carrying Capacity of Surf Schools in North Cornwall 2005-2006 08/17/06
73 ASTRA Developing Policies & Adaptation Strategies to Climate Change in the Baltic Sea Region 2005-2007 03/26/09
74 CoPraNet System of Integral Management of Beaches 11/13/06
75 CoPraNet Integrated Management PLAN of Calvià (PILC) 2000-2004 11/16/06
76 CoPraNet ESPINHO - 100 years of Beach Protection 11/23/06
77 CoPraNet The Complex of Problems of Coastal Protection on Ornö 2004-2004 11/13/06
78 The impact of Oder river waters on the ecosystem of Pomeranian Bay 1996-1998 02/09/06
79 TRUMP Transport and Turnover in the Pomeranian Bay 1994-1996 02/09/06
80 TRUMP Transport of the Odra river waters and circulation patterns in the Pomeranian Bay 1993-1997 11/13/06
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