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The database contains world-wide applied coastal (and marine) projects and regional case studies. To search in the database you can enter a term into the search field or sort the content by clicking on table titles (data, name or country etc.). Many users ensure the success of the databases. Therefore, we like to ask you to enter information about your projects and case studies to the databases as well.

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Nr. Acronym  Title Sorted descending Duration Sorted descending Last Update 
341 EUROSION Case Study - Wadden Sea Islands (The Netherlands) 24/11/06
342 EUROSION Case Study: Western Scheldt Estuary (The Netherlands) 04/01/07
343 EUROSION Case Study: Hel Peninsula (Poland) 04/01/07
344 EUROSION Case Study: Western Coast of Poland (Poland) 04/01/07
345 EUROSION Case Study - Azores (Portugal) 16/11/06
346 EUROSION Case Study: Cova do Vapor (Portugal) 04/01/07
347 EUROSION Case Study: Estela (Portugal) 04/01/07
348 EUROSION Case Study: Vagueira-Mira (Portugal) 04/01/07
349 EUROSION Case Study: Vale do Lobo (Portugal) 04/01/07
350 EUROSION Case Study: Danube Delta (Romania) 04/01/07
351 EUROSION Case Study: Slovenian Coast (Slovenia) 04/01/07
352 EUROSION Case Study: Lakkopetra (Greece) 04/01/07
353 EUROSION Case Study: Isle of Sylt (Germany) 04/01/07
354 EUROSION Case Study: Castellón (Spain) 04/01/07
355 EUROSION Case Study: De Haan (Belgium) 04/01/07
356 CoPraNet The planning and minimisation of the risks associated with the increasing vulnerability of the coastal edge of Central Region of Portugal 01/02/07
357 CoPraNet Managing the Coastal Zone of the Central Region of Portugal 16/11/06
358 CoPraNet Partnership Approach to Shoreline Management Planning in North West England 14/11/06
359 CoPraNet Esposende – Ofir Stretch 13/11/06
360 CoPraNet Coastal Dune Management on a Shoreline Subject to Strong Human Pressure: The Dunkirk Area, Northern France 14/11/06
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