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Arisci, A., De Waele, J., Di Gregorio, F., Ferrucci, I., Follesa, R.: Integrated, sustainable touristic development of the karstic coastline of SW Sardinia. Journal of Coastal Conservation, 9: 81-90, 2003.


Abstract. In the coastal karstic region of SW Sardinia, from Capo Pecora in the north to Nebida in the south, many interesting geological monuments, ecotopes and several places of social and cultural interest that deserve preservation and valorization can be found. This mostly rocky coastline is characterized by the presence of a Cambrian sequence prevalently composed of limestones and dolostones and only locally of phyllites. A correct use of the many environmental and cultural monuments is necessary both to preserve and to valorize them; therefore they have to be properly managed in order to preserve their original natural conditions. Here, we describe and classify these monuments with the aim to propose an integrated model of sustainable development of this exceptional coastal landscape. Our model is based on several thematic maps according to which we propose the establishment of a natural reserve with specific geological and geomorphologic sites and the creation of several touristic circuits that are the basis for a further valorization of this territory.

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