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Dolgen, D., Alpaslan, M.N., Serifoglu, A.G.: Best Waste Management Programs (BWMPs) for marinas: A case study. Journal of Coastal Conservation, 9: 57-63, 2003.


Abstract. Marinas are usually located in coastal waters, but can also be found in lakes and rivers. Due to the activities that take place in marinas various contaminants are discharged. Specific measures have to be taken in order to keep the marina environment clean and healthy. Experiences from developed countries have shown that the most effective way to reduce pollution in marinas is the implementation of waste management programs. To this end, ‘Best Waste Management Programs’ (BWMPs) have been employed in the USA and other countries. However, in developing countries lack of available financial resources and unawareness of the concept of clean marinas may hinder the activities towards the application of BWMPs. The aim of this study is to address BWMPs in general and explain waste sources and disposal methods for marinas and yachting activities. The Kusadasi Setur marina in Turkey is investigated particularly as an example of a marina in a developing country and management measures taken in this marina are evaluated. The various kinds of waste generated in the marina are described and preventive measures against pollution taken in the marina are reviewed. Finally the importance of management programs towards the mitigation of pollution problems is emphasized.

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