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Christensen, S. N., Johnsen, I.: The lichen-rich coastal heath vegetation on the isle of Anholt, Denmark â description, history and development. Journal of Coastal Conservation, 7: 1-12, 2001.


Abstract. The marine foreland called Ørkenen (= the desert) at Anholt is covered by lichen-rich Empetrum nigrum-Corynephorus canescens heath vegetation on beach ridg e systems formed during the elevation of land after the Weichsel ice age and Stereocaulon saxatile-rich Ammophila arenaria- Corynephorus canescens vegetation on semi-fixed aeolic dunes. The development of the vegetation at Ørkenen is the result of various kinds of human exploitation, with its maximum in the 16th and 17th century. After the cessation of human use, a slow succession towards closed vegetation with mainly Empetrum nigrum and Corynephorus canescens began. The present heath ecosystem, developed on sandy substrate with very little organic matter and a small nutrient supply, is a high priority habitat in Europe.

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