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Jensen, J., Mudersbach, C.. Analyses of Variations in Water Level Time-Series at the Southern Baltic Sea Coastline. In: Schernewski, G., Löser, N. (eds.). BaltCoast 2004 - Managing the Baltic Sea. Coastline Reports (2), pp. 175-184. 2004.


The results of an investigation intended to provide information about the trends of the Mean Water Levels along the German Southern Baltic Sea coastline in comparison to the German North Sea coastline are presented. Four gauging stations at the German Southern Baltic Sea coastline were combined to so called mean normalized gauges to be able to make more general statements about the variations in the Baltic Sea water levels. The time series were examined with linear and non-linear adaptation functions. A special emphasis lies on the detailed description of the water level time-series considering the influences of the nodaltide. With several analysis methods an estimation of the water level development up to the year 2020 was carried out. As well as the Mean Water Level (MW), the annual High Water (HW) and annual Low Water (LW) for the Southern Baltic Sea were examined. The results show that the MW is increasing up to now and a further rise can be expected. All results of the investigations lead to the assumption that the tidal dynamics in the North Sea, and thus also the water levels in the Baltic Sea, have changed or are still changing.

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