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Licht-Eggert, K., Schernewski, G.. The German Küsten Newsletter of EUCC-D - spatial distribution, stock of readers and assessment of its quality. In: Schernewski, G., Glaeser, B., Scheibe, R., Sekścińska, A., Thamm, R. (eds.). Coastal Development: The Oder estuary and beyond. Coastline Reports (8), pp. 171-177. EUCC - The Coastal Union, Leiden, 2007.


There are existing numerous and extensive activities all over the world which deal with the topics of coastal and marine management. Many of these activities are made accessible to the interested general public by press releases or newsletters. In Germany the EUCC - Coastal Union Germany tries to increase the availability and knowledge of coastal and marine data and information by providing on-line based information tools (data bases, the coastal newsletter and further website services) to the public and coastal community. In the following we will dwell on the German medium “Küsten Newsletter" which is giving since approximately 4 years information concerning coastal issues. An inquiry among the newsletter subscribers in 2006 should find out, how satisfied the readers are with the terms of content organisation of this information medium and whether they have suggestions for improvement within some points. In this context selected results of this inquiry are presented. Beyond that it is discussed which advantages the newsletter will have compared to other existing coastal media and if the newsletter can learn by other information tools and which future development possibilities exist in addition. Results of the inquiry and further analysis show that with its more or less constantly 1000 subscribers, the Newsletter has a considerable readership and a encouraging large distribution area but this mostly in the coastal parts of Germany. Mainly customers from the science and  administration subscribed the newsletter, especially within the administrative sector participants on Länder an national level, while clearly less regional and hardly local participants read it. Furthermore the subscribers are really satisfíed with the content, topics and layout of this medium.

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