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The database contains papers, reports, documents, strategies, directives, brochures etc. which are of importance for coastal (and marine) practice. All documents are available as pdf-files and are stored on our server, to ensure a permanent and user-friendly availability.

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1 Neumann 2005 Neumann, T., Schernewski, G.: An ecological model evaluation of two nutrient abatement strategies for the Baltic Sea. Journal of Marine Systems, 56(1-2): 195-206, 2005. No PDF available Article
2 Vafeidis 2007 Vafeidis, A.T., Nicholls, R.J., McFadden, L., Tol, R.S.J., Hinkel, J., Spencer, T., Grashoff, P.S., Boot, G. and Klein, R.J.T.: A new global coastal database for impact and vulnerability analysis to sea-level rise. Journal of Coastal Research, 24(4): 429-443, 2007. No PDF available Article
3 Kratzer 2009 Kratzer, S., Tett, P.: Using bio-optics to investigate the extent of coastal waters a Swedish case study. Hydrobiologia, 629(1): 169–186, 2009. No PDF available Article
4 Petrocelli 2008 Petrocelli, A.. Stakeholder participation to improve local economy in Mar Piccolo of Taranto, Italy. 2008. No PDF available Report
5 Smith HD 2010 Smith HD, Maes F, Stojanovic T & Ballinger R: The Integration of Land and Marine Spatial Planning. Journal of Coastal Conservation, Planning and Management, 14, 2010. No PDF available Article
6 Smith HD 2010 Smith HD, Ballinger R & Cummins V : Implementing ICZM : The Experience of North West Europe.. Ocean and Coastal Management., 53(12): 725-821, 2010. No PDF available Article
7 Smith HD 2011 Smith HD, Lloyd G, Ballinger R & Stojanovic T : EU Maritime Policy and Economic Development of the European Seas.. Earthscan, London, 2011. No PDF available Book
8 Smith HD 2011 Smith HD, Ballinger R & Stojanovic T: The Spatial Development Basis of Marine Spatial Planning in the United Kingdom. Journal of Environmental Policy and Planning, 2011. No PDF available Article
9 McFadden 2010 McFadden, L. : Exploring systems interactions for building resilience within coastal environments and communities. Environmental Hazards: 1-18, 2010. No PDF available Article
10 McFadden 2009 McFadden, L., Tapsell, S. and Penning-Rowsell, E.: Strategic coastal flood risk management in practice: actorsâ perspectives on the integration in flood risk management process in London and the Thames Estuary. Journal of Ocean and Coastal Management., 174(4): 636-645, 2009. No PDF available Article
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