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The database contains papers, reports, documents, strategies, directives, brochures etc. which are of importance for coastal (and marine) practice. All documents are available as pdf-files and are stored on our server, to ensure a permanent and user-friendly availability.

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971 Podsechin 2006 Podsechin, V., Tejakusuma, I., Schernewski, G., Pejrup, M.: On parameters estimation in a dynamic model of suspended sediments. Journal of Hydrology, 318: 17-23, 2006. No PDF available Article
972 Smith HD 2010 Smith HD, Maes F, Stojanovic T & Ballinger R: The Integration of Land and Marine Spatial Planning. Journal of Coastal Conservation, Planning and Management, 14, 2010. No PDF available Article
973 Weidemann 1995 Weidemann, G., Koehler, H.. An ecosystem approach to coastal dune conservation and management. In: Gudelis, V., Povilanskas, R., Roepstorff, A.. Coastal conservation and management in the Baltic region. pp. 177-187. Klaipeda, 1995. No PDF available Book
974 Amelang 1995 Amelang, N.. Die Bestimmung von Chlorophyll-a aus Landsat TM-Daten im Greifswalder Bodden und Oderästuar. In: Radtke, U. (ed.). Vom Südatlantik bis zur Ostsee - neue Ergebnisse der Meeres- und Küstenforschung. Kölner Geographische Arbeiten (66), pp. 233-242. Köln, 1995. No PDF available Book
975 Bange 1997 Bange, H.W., Ramesh, R., Rapsomanikis, S., Andrea, M.O., Dahlke, S., Meyer-Reil, L.-A.: Distribution of methane and nitrous oxide in the wester Oder estuary (southern Baltic Sea). 1997. No PDF available Book
976 Birr 1993 Birr, H.-D., Oertel, P.: About the dynamics of Baltic Sea water inflow into the Bodden waters around Rügen. Petermanns Geographische Mitteilungen, 137: 283-288, 1993. No PDF available Article
977 Busch 1996 Busch, A.: Transition from endogenous to exogenous nutrition: larval size parameters determining the start of external feeding and size of prey ingested by Ruegen spring herring Clupea harengus. Marine Ecology Progress Series, 130: 39-46, 1996. No PDF available Article
978 O’Mahony 2009 OâMahony, C., Gault, J., Cummins, V., Köpke, K. and OâSuilleabhain, D.: Assessment of recreation activity and its application to integrated management and spatial planning for Cork Harbour, Ireland.. Marine Policy, 33(6): 930-937, 2009. No PDF available Article
979 Kratzer 2008 Kratzer, S., Brockmann, C., Moore G.: Using MERIS full resolution data (300 m spatial resolution) to monitor coastal watersâ a case study from Himmerfjärden, a fjord-like bay in the north-western Baltic Sea. No PDF available Article
980 Kratzer 2009 Kratzer, S., Tett, P.: Using bio-optics to investigate the extent of coastal waters a Swedish case study. Hydrobiologia, 629(1): 169–186, 2009. No PDF available Article
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