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The database contains papers, reports, documents, strategies, directives, brochures etc. which are of importance for coastal (and marine) practice. All documents are available as pdf-files and are stored on our server, to ensure a permanent and user-friendly availability.

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951 Obenaus 2002 Obenaus, H., Köhn, J.. Important User Needs in the Coastal Zone of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and Legal Obligations in the German Baltic Territorial Sea. In: Schernewski, G., Schiewer, U. (eds.). Baltic Coastal Ecosystems. Structure, Function and Coastal Zone Management. CEEDES-Series pp. 205-214. Springer-Verlag, Berlin, 2002. No PDF available Book
952 Schernewski G. 2011 Schernewski G., Neumann T, Behrendt H. †: Sources, Dynamics and Management of Phosphorus in a Southern Baltic Estuary. Earth And Environmental Science, 6: 373-388, 2011. No PDF available Article
953 Philippart C.J.M. 2011 Philippart C.J.M., Anadónb R., Danovaroc R., Dippnerd J.W., Drinkwatere K.F., Hawkinsf S.J., Oguzg T., O'Sullivanh G. and Reidi P.C.: Impacts of climate change on European marine ecosystems: Observations, expectations and indicators . Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology, 400: 52-69, 2011. No PDF available Article
954 DailidienĂ©; I. 2010 Dailidiené; I., Davuliené; L., Kelpsaité; L. and Razinkovas A.: Analysis of the Climate Change in Lithuanian Coastal Areas of the Baltic Sea.. (Analysen des Klimawandels in lithauischen Küstenregionen der Ostsee)Journal of Coastal Research, 2010. No PDF available Article
955 Jari 2010 Jari Hänninen und Ilppo Vuorinen: Time-Varying Parameter Analysis of the Baltic Sea Freshwater Runoffs. Earth And Environmental Science, 16(1): 53-60, 2010. No PDF available Article
956 Voss M. 2011 Voss M., Dippner J.W., Humborg C., Hürdler J., Korth F., Neumann T., Schernewski G., Venohr M.: History and scenarios of future development of Baltic Sea eutrophication . (Geschichte und Szenarios der zukünftigen Entwicklung der Eutrophierung in die Ostsee)Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science, 92: 307-322, 2011. No PDF available Article
957 Lawson 2010 Lawson, E. T., Schluchter, W., Gordon, C. : Using the paired comparison methodology to assess environmental values in the coastal zone of Ghana. Journal of Coastal Conservation, 14: 231-238, 2010. No PDF available Article
958 Vorlauf 2006 Vorlauf, A., Bock, S., Schernewski, G.: IKZM-D Lernen - Internet-gestütztes Lernen zum Integrierten Küstenzonenmanagement (IKZM). Forschungszentrum Terramare Berichte, 16: 72-74, 2006. No PDF available Article
959 Smith HD 2011 Smith HD, Lloyd G, Ballinger R & Stojanovic T : EU Maritime Policy and Economic Development of the European Seas.. Earthscan, London, 2011. No PDF available Book
960 Smith HD 2010 Smith HD, Ballinger R & Cummins V : Implementing ICZM : The Experience of North West Europe.. Ocean and Coastal Management., 53(12): 725-821, 2010. No PDF available Article
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